Speedily responding to my recent request, one Sandra Fried and a French dude who preferred to remain anonymous have rendered the original text comprehensible to us non-francophiles. Here is their translation:


The youngest birth in the world

The following first came to us on May 13, 1939. We received by air mail from professor Edmundo Escomel of Lima the following message:

Born on September 27, 1933 in the small village of Paurange, Lina was only 5 years 8 months old at the birth of her child on May 14, 1939.

Born at full term at Lima's maternity clinic, her child was taken through a caesarian operation (Drs. Lozada and Busalleu, operators, Dr. Colretta, anesthesiologist). The child (boy), weighing 2,700 grams, was well formed and in good health. Child and mother were able to leave the clinic after only a few days.

Doctor Lozada has conducted very detailed studies since the diagnostic of the pregnancy which aroused much curiosity in the country; he took an x-ray of the child and her baby, established a diagnostic of the fetal situation, observed the state of functionality of the little mother who had begun menstruating at the age of 8 months. At four years old she had already developed breasts as well as pubic hair, her body proportions were a bit amazing and her bone hardening a bit advanced, things that are often observed in cases of such premature pregnancy.

Her father and her mother were in fine health: they had 5 boys (older) followed by 3 girls of whom Lina was the second to last.

Doctor Lozada brought Lina to the capital of Peru, to have it confirmed by specialists and medical doctors all the visible truth of this extraordinary case of maternity.

Throughout the written world, there does not exist another case that happened at a younger age, which leaves one to think that this is the youngest mother in the world.

The unresolved problem is who the father of the child is, as the little girl is too disoriented to give precise answers.

The Medical Academy and the Scientific Associations are very interested in this case. Everyone hopes that the State and the Home of the Mother will protect this poor child who has created sympathy and pity in the hearts of everyone, even more so because the child was born on the same day that the Peruvian nation celebrates the Festival of the Mother.

Lima, May 20, 1939.